Choosing the Right Wood Burning Tip

Wood burning is a craft that not many crafters tackle.  However, the work is so beautiful, and can be used in so many of our projects, we decided to shed a little light on how to choose the right tip in your wood burning projects.

We will talk about a basic pen with no temperature control today, as that is the wood burning pen we include in our projects.  This style pen is typically used by beginners and is suited for many general crafts.  They are typically a little larger than some more advanced pens and can help you gain experience as a burner.

As you become more experienced in wood burning, you will most likely want to expand your pens and experiment with some more advanced and detailed tips.  It is important to mention that you should always follow all the safety guidelines when using a wood burning pen.

Now, let’s talk about how to choose the right tip.  Having multiple tips in your toolbox, will allow you to be more diverse in your wood burning work.  The tips are interchangeable (use caution when changing), where multiple tips could be used in one project.

The basic tips that everyone will need, come in the basic wood burning kit we provide.  They are the cone point tip, shading point tip, universal point tip, and the flow point tip.  The cone point tip is used to burn fine lines, dots, and is good with curves.  The shading point tip (looks like a tear drop) is used for all types of shading.  The universal point (often called the chisel point) tip can be used to do all types of burning, and the flow point tip is often used for curves, dots, and cursive writing because of the rounded tip.

If you have never done wood burning, take the time to experiment with each tip.  Determine the type of pressure needed for each, which tip works best in different designs, and more.  Before long, you will be an experienced wood burner and creating works of art!