Rustic Serving Trays

Are you looking for some unique crafting ideas to try this summer?  Making rustic serving trays are a great summer craft and come in very handy during backyard barbeques, outings to the park, or even to use while camping.  They often become statement pieces around the home and can be used during holidays or for just normal home décor.

Not only is this craft project fun to do, but it is something the whole family can do together and use together!  While you can purchase the wood in many stores, it is more fun to make it an adventure, by looking for the perfect wood together outside. 

Start by looking for the perfect type of wood and sizes you want your trays to be.  Many stores have a variety of sizes of cut wood pieces, which will be perfect for this project.  However, if you want to really have fun, go on a hiking trip in the woods and look for some great pieces.  You might have to cut those pieces to size, but you will have a unique piece when done.

Once you have the perfect pieces, it is time to prep them.  You will need to use several different pieces of sandpaper, starting with a coarser grain and working towards a finer grain to finish it off.  It is important that you sand both sides of your wood, allowing you to use either side.

Once you have your wood sanded, you have several options in finishing the project.  You can paint a scene on your tray, wood burn your piece, or simply coat it with a finish.  No matter which option you choose, you will apply 2-3 coats of stain or finish to both sides of your piece to protect it.  Some even apply the finish to the sides of the tray to give it a more, glossy effect.

Once you have finished your tray(s), let them sit for at least 48 hours before using.  Use your imagine and enjoy the use of your rustic serving trays all year round.